Okanagan Embrace Aging 2023


Okanagan Embrace Aging 2023


Fri Mar 17 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Embrace aging through dance

Join us for an hour of dance, music, and togetherness! Class will begin with gentle stretching, warming up, and getting to know each other. Then, we will learn a short, upbeat dance.
This dance will be accessible to all, and may be participated in standing up or sitting down. Dance move suggestions will be welcomed!
Please wear clothing you feel comfortable moving in.
Ensure sure all pants/skirts/dresses are not trip hazards for you.
Running shoes, or shoes with good ankle support and good grip are always recommended.
Erin will probably wear running shoes, leggings, and a comfortable shirt.
Her teaching style is inclusive, lighthearted, and collaborative.
Erin Delfs, BHK, MA
Erin has been a dancer for 16 years, and a teacher for 9. She is currently a Masters student at UBC Okanagan in the Community Engagement, Social Change, and Equity program.