Muscle fatigue: Does age impact performance?


  • Alex Yacyshyn, PhD Candidate
    School of Health and Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC Okanagan

Abstract  Fatigue that develops within muscles during physical activity can impact quality of daily living, particularly in older adults. This presentation covers an overview of age-related changes to the nervous and muscular systems and the effects on muscle fatigue. Data from a recent UBCO study investigating the differences in muscle fatigue for males and females across the human lifespan is also be presented.

March 6
W Kelowna


Estate planning essentials: What you need to know


  • Doug McMechan, Business Succession & Estate Planning Specialist, Interior Savings Credit Union
  • Dwayne Remple, Estate Planning Specialist, Interior Savings Credit Union
  • Tanya Mcloughlin, Certified Executor Advisor, Interior Savings Credit Union
  • Dylan Switzer, Managing Partner, FH&P Lawyers LLP


  • Rod Rieu, Assistant Vice President, Wealth and Relationship Services, Interior Savings Credit Union

Abstract Estate planning may seem like something only millionaires do, but the truth is, everyone needs an estate plan, no matter how much money you have. Learn how you can avoid the common pitfalls and how to maximize the benefits of planning your estate. A panel of experts in financial planning and law will share the basics of estate planning and answer your questions.

March 6

Happy homes, health people: How home sharing is changing the way seniors age in place


  • Amanda Aubé, Happipad Community Associate

Abstract Home sharing is an emerging trend in Canada among older adults that provides many social and economic benefits. This session explains what home sharing is, the benefits and disadvantages, and how to set up a successful home sharing arrangement.


March 5

Hear better: Live better


  • Colin VanBergen, Registered Audiologist, NexGen Hearing

Abstract Take control of your hearing health. This presentation shared what you may be missing if you are unaware that you are living with hearing loss, and the signs that you and your loved ones should know. Complimentary on-site hearing screening test was offered.

Thank you to NexGen Hearing for supporting Okanagan Embrace Aging month as a Community Sponsor


March 4

Mental Health 101


  • Shirley Hogan, Community Education Facilitator
    Canadian Mental Health Association, Kelowna

Abstract We all have mental health, but there are still many misconceptions about what it takes to flourish and what it means to struggle. This presentation discussed an overview of mental health: what it is, how to promote positive mental health, and how to support yourself or someone else who may be experiencing low mood, depression, and/or anxiety.

March 4

March 5

MyHealthPortal – Electronic health records and you


  • Sarah Carson, Interior Health

MyHealthPortal provides patients with 24 hour access to their health information via their phone, tablet or computer, through a secure portal from the Interior Health website. Features include the ability to view Interior health lab results, diagnostic imaging reports (such as X-ray, CT and ultrasound), certain upcoming appointments, recent hospital visit history and the opportunity to update address and phone number information.​

March 3

Balance and Dizziness


  • Dr. Nichole Sorensen, Au.D, RAUD, RHIP, Doctor of Audiology
    Lakeside Hearing, Kelowna

Abstract Dizziness and balance problems can range from mild to debilitating. This presentation discussed common signs of vertigo or balance problems and how vestibular therapy can help.

March 3
Lake Country

March 4

Scam protection: Knowledge is power


  • Paula Naka, Manager, Risk Management
    Interior Savings Credit Union

Paula has lead ISCU Risk Management team for seven years and works closely with the RCMP and colleagues across the country to help reduce fraud.
Paula’s favourite resource is the The Little Black Book of Scams

March 2

Disrupt Ageism


  • Rachel Lewis, RN, BSN, MScN
    Sun Pointe Village Administrator, Baptist Housing

Abstract This presentation addresses common perceptions and stereotypes about aging and older adults, including language, thoughts and actions.